AFIA Life Members

The Board of Directors of the Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) will from time to time wish to recognise individuals who have made an outstanding and substantial contribution to the Australian fodder industry and/or the AFIA organisation by awarding an AFIA Life Membership to that individual.

AFIA Life Membership is only awarded to Members who have served AFIA over many years, making an outstanding, substantial contribution to the Association and assisting it in meeting its' mission. Life Membership is the highest honour that AFIA can bestow upon its members and as such, it is not readily awarded but rather, it is an award of esteem and prestige.

Current AFIA Life Members

Name Enterprise/Company Year Awarded
Mr Charlie Williams Jenharwill Baling 2017
Mr Colin Simpson Kakadu Pastoral Pty Ltd  
Mr Don Law DP & MA Law  
Mr Peter Flinn Peter Flinn  
Mr Bill Gough WJ & AP Gough "Miakite" 2011