Membership Type Primary Producer Corporate Associate End-User Gen Ag / Student International Exporter
Membership Fee* $425 $590 $260 $260 $260 $536 TBA

*Please note that all memberships expire on the 31st of August each year. If you are applying for a new membership after the 1st of April please contact the AFIA office for the correct rate.

*Membership fee includes GST. Renewal falls on September 1 each year.

Associate Members: Nominate a Primary Member below.

Exporters: Please contact Paula Fitzgerald on 0418 160 943 or email

  • Primary Producer: discount applies to AFIA events for member and spouse; one vote per individual).
  • Corporate: discount to AFIA events for 2 people; one vote per membership.
  • Associate: includes full Primary Producer membership entitlement excluding voting rights and must be employed by the same financial entity as the Primary Producer nominee. Please nominate a Primary Member below.
  • End-User: cannot transfer membership from the Primary Producer category and must be a recognised end-user (i.e. dairy, beef, sheep, equine or horticulture producer); no voting entitlement.
  • Gen Ag / Student: must be 18-30 years of age to be a Gen Ag member; must be currently enrolled in a field of agricultural study at a recognised institution to be eligible for Student membership; no voting entitlements.
  • International: applicable to international (i.e. non-Australian) associations/bodies; no voting entitlements.
  • Exporter: must be a registered Australian fodder exporter/fodder export levy payer; fees are based on the annual metric tonnes of Australian fodder exported; one vote per exporter membership. Please contact Paula Fitzgerald on 0418 160 943 or email

Payment Of Fees
(Tax Invoice for GST Purposes – ABN 12 131 678 727)
AFIA will contact you within 48 hours to arrange payment of the full amount due. We accept credit card payments, bank transfer and cheque. Please ensure your contact details above are complete and accurate.

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